About Us


The Oneness Center is a welcoming, inclusive interfaith organization honoring all paths to the Divine.  Our director is currently guest speaking and teaching at various venues in Fresno and on the Coast, offering inspirational messages, Oneness Blessing, meditation and spiritual study. It is our mission to support and produce events that foster individual spiritual growth and the spiritual awakening of all humanity.

Our spiritual practices are based in Religious Science/Science of Mind philosophy and the New Thought – Ancient Wisdom tradition.  We honor world religions, recognizing that all come from one mystical source known by many names.  Our core practices include contemplation, meditation, affirmative prayer, service and giving.  We believe that these practices contribute to spiritual awakening, soul expansion, and liberation of consciousness through the Grace of God. 

The Oneness Center is affiliated with the Emerson Theological Institute in Oakhurst, CA and associated with Oneness University located on the eastern coast of South India.


For affirmative prayer during the week, contact:

Director, Ministerial Intern:  Nicki Wolff, RScP  559-304-9308