We are a vibrant, awakened community, enlightened through the power of the One Source, expanding into the fullest expression of our true nature in the I AM Presence of God. We demonstrate love, joy, peace, power, harmony, beauty, and abundance, illuminating a transcendent path for all to experience Oneness with the Divine.


The Oneness Center
PO Box 5375
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Healing Prayer Circle
Next prayer circle will be at Nicki’s home
Friday, April 24th @ 5:30 PM
These circles are for anyone to come and enter into Divine healing energy and spiritual renewal. If you need directions, please email us at fresnoonenesscenter@gmail.com

There’s nothing so compelling in my life these days than spiritual awareness. Tonight I sat with friends in a lovely patio café, watching the sights and sounds of humanity swirling all around with the lovely spring breeze. Then, the first light of a star appeared, Venus, I think, in the twilight sky. We talked about how we were so small in comparison to the whole universe. That here we were, just a point in a vast unknowing endless universe, conversing about our true reality…
I have to say that this kind of moment is what gives such juice to my life. It’s the curiosity of it all. The dance between not knowing anything, and feeling on the cusp of something remarkably known. Whether it be the Vortex of Abraham, the Holy Spirit of A Course in Miracles, the intuitive gifts called out by Troward, there is nothing cooler in my world than catching a glimpse of Its ethereal power as I step off the cliff of my own understanding.
In our world of time, while we see only the past, healing is taking place. It takes place in these moments where eternity is allowed to be up close and personal. It means being honest with how I feel, and owning that I make my own feelings. It means listening to how you feel. It’s remembering that you are light, and innocence. As we free-fall together into this vast journey of awareness, always giving, always receiving, may the stars live as reflections of our joy throughout eternity.




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A Course in Miracles
Instructor: Nicki Wolff, RScP
Second Segment began April 14

6:30-8:30 PM 

You can still join us!

A Course in Miracles is a deep teaching of sacred truth and perspective which changes our way of seeing the world, and ourselves.  If you desire spiritual renewal and sacred joy, this class is for you!  The teachings personally have changed my life, and have given me such comfort in my journey in this world.  Now I am ready to share this with you.

The Course is designed to be a year-long commitment,   however, we will be breaking it down so that you can choose to commit to segments.  Because of the nature of the course, it will have a fee.

Discounts will be offered for longer commitments to the class.


40 weeks  Reg. $950   Discount $800

20 weeks  Reg. $475    Discount $420

12 weeks   Reg. $285    Discount $265

8 weeks     Reg. $190    Discount $180

4 weeks     $95

*Fees are non-refundable and due in advance or on the first night of each segment of class.  Missed classes are non-refundable.

To sign up or ask questions about the class, email Nicki at fresnoonenesscenter@gmail.com. Please include the name of the class (ACIM) and if you’re signing up, also include your name and phone number.







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